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There is a wonderful article on yoga journal regarding the "Yoga Vitamins" prescribed by B.K.S. Iyengar, ( but here I'm referring to the poses I practice on a daily basis in order to maintain a certain level of ease in my physical body. I have significant congenital issues in my knee joints and my work is to continue to open and close the knee joint and stretch my quadriceps muscles that can become very tight on a daily basis. The postures shown here are my current daily 6 asana vitamins. The middle 3 go down hard like horse pill in a dry throat. This turns into some serious practice of discrimination and detachment. Depending on the day, the support changes-but the approach is the same: working with discrimination, determination, enthusiasm and delight in the smallest of changes. I use my inversion practice to settle my mind down and sort through any reactions I may have had in the previous poses as to how well it's going or not going!

The poses below are not a recommended sequence for you. You have to ask yourself, "What are my asana vitamins?"

If nothing comes to mind, notice in class what postures you find challenging and what postures you find less/not challenging. If you take a pose that is hard for you, think about other poses that will make that one easier. I always like to start and end my practice with something pleasant. For me, this 6 pose practice takes a minimum of 30 minutes. If I want to practice for a longer period of time I add other poses that fit it between.

For my challenging poses, I find Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar, p. 47, "Pain: Find Comfort Even in Discomfort" to be a great support!

"Endurance is needed to remain in an asana. To master an asana, you need patience and discipline. The asana will not come by making faces. So how does one learn to make pain bearable? We have already seen how one must create repose in the pose; one must create relaxation even as there is the right amount of tension."

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