Day 2 Touching the sternum and restoratives

Snippets from todays class and practice:

Attempting to "wet" or bring life to the sternum.

BKS Iyengar: "Now at this age it tells me that even the hardest part, the life in the sternum, is slowing down and drying out. It cautions to be careful. So I have to attend more in order to keep my sternum wet. Who will understand this? Tell me. I make the Self expand itself to the sternum so that shrinking is stopped. Know that this happens only in backbends and not in any other ásanas."

For the full interview with BKS Iyengar by Gabriella Giubilaro (published in Yogadhârâ, from The Light on Yoga Research Trust, MumbaiJanuary 1998, Pune) click here:

I have some work to do in order to bring life to the sternum - more opening in my thoracic spine which has gotten tight with all of the teen taxi driving this summer! I decided to do some chair work. Eyal Shifroni's book on chair yoga is a great inspiration for me. You can create a practice with the poses that work for you. I did many before this to prepare and many after to undo. After some time... Pranayama.

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