Day 3: Reflective Action

Readings can be a launchpad for practice!

Tree of Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

"The third stage, which I call communication or communion, is when the mind observes the contact of the cognition of the skin with the conative action of the flesh, and we arrive at mental action in the asana. At this stage, the mind comes into

play and is drawn by the organs of perception towards the organs of action, to see exactly what is happening. The mind acts as a bridge between the muscular movement and the organs of perception, introduces the intellect and connects it to every part of the body—fibres, tissues, and cells, right through to the outer pores of the skin. When the mind has come into play, a new thought arises in us. We see with

attention and remember the feeling of the action. We feel what is happening in our body and our recollection says, 'What is this that I feel now which I did not feel before?' We discriminate with the mind. The discriminative mind observes and analyses the feeling of the front, the back, the inside and the outside of the body. This stage is known as reflective action."

I'm working with standing poses tonight and in each pose I will look for some new frontier, new understanding, extension from known to unknown where I can ask myself: 'What is this that I feel now which I did not feel before?' This approach keeps practice fresh and inspiring!

Kathleen Swanson


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